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Acidity and the Body

Everyone has heard about acidic foods and alkaline foods in some compacity. Even if the only time you've heard the two words were in science class way back in the day. Funny thing is, many people get easily confused when it comes to connecting the two with foods. It's a known fact that an acidic body is an unhealthy body, one that is more than likely experiencing a whole host of problems. When talking about foods being acidic, usually lemons and the like are the first ones I hear people mention. Although they are in essence an acidic food, it has an alkaline affect on the body.

Just like how meat is considered an alkaline before we digest it, but our bodies turn it into an acid forming food. The reason this is, is because whatever foods we eat breaks down into either of the two. It will either break down as an acid or an alkaline, an alkaline being higher than 7, and an acid being lower than 7. The further you go down, the more acidic it becomes, and the higher you go, the less acidic it becomes. The body requires both sets but needs more alkaline than it does ac